China Mobile pioneers commercial deployment of 5G-A network

5G-A Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

China accelerates telecommunication innovation with the commercial deployment of 5G-Advanced (5G-A) network, revealing plans to establish the world’s largest 5G-A commercial network. It is part of the country’s latest efforts in advancing its internet infrastructure and propelling innovation.

China Mobile announced the commercial launch of 5G-Advanced (5GA) network, unveiling an initial list of 100 cities with 5G-A network commercialization plans on Thursday. The company also revealed plans to expand 5G-A to over 300 cities in 2024, aiming to establish the world’s largest 5G-A commercial network.

China Mobile said it has accelerated the innovation of 5G-A technology, leading the completion of 60 international 5G-A standards, ranking first among global operators.

China Mobile aims to accelerate the popularization of 5G-A terminals, with plans to introduce over 20 5G-A terminals and develop a user base exceeding 20 million within the year.

The 5G-A technology marks an important stage in the evolution from 5G to 6G. Compared to 5G, 5G-A boasts advantages such as higher speeds, larger connectivity, and lower latency. Currently, China’s three major telecom operators—China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom—are all actively deploying 5G-A technology.

To promote the development of the 5G-A industry, China Mobile, together with multiple industry partners, has established an industry alliance for 5G-A innovation. The company is now pushing numerous achievements in content applications, technology platforms, and ecosystem capabilities.

China is planning to accelerate the construction and development of new information infrastructure such as 5G, gigabit optical networks, and computing power,” said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Tuesday.

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