Splendid spring in China: Hexigten’s amazing biodiversity


Where the Inner Mongolian Plateau collides with the Greater Hinggan Mountains and the Yanshan Mountains, deserts, grasslands, lakes, wetlands and mountains constitute the diverse landscapes of Hexigten, making it the “microcosm of Inner Mongolia.”

Springtime in Hexigten may be harsh and tough, but life always overcomes and displays the most exuberant vitality.

The primeval forest in the western Greater Hinggan Mountains is home to black grouses that vie for the perfect spouses.

As a hue of green returns to the grasslands, animals are reinvigorated in these lively spring days. They’re eager and more than ready to embrace the new season.

Having a lifespan of about 100 years, the Meyer spruce forest offers protection to the red deer and serves as a crucial barrier in Hexigten. The lush canopies shield the area from the winds and sands, allowing the shrubs and flowers to grow and thrive.

The ancient stone forest provides a shelter for local wildlife. It stands as a steadfast guardian, witnessing the endless cycles of life on the Hexigten grasslands.

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(Cover via CFP, designed by CGTN’s Yu Peng; video edited by CGTN’s Zhu Yingming)